Old Friends

Every year these two black cockatoos visit us, make a mess under some of our trees and then leave again until the next year. Sometimes it’s just the pair, sometimes there is a third, presumably a child with them. I was only able to snap a couple of shots before they decided to be camera shy and fly away. I have seen them since, however I didn’t have the camera on me.

Maybe it’s a sign or something, not that I really believe in stuff like that, of those friends that always come back. The third could represent friends that come and go, the ones that stay briefly in your life before moving on. But you will always have those friends that stick around, that always come back no matter how far they travel. Those are the friends you hold onto because in the end, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, just have those couple of friends that you know will stick by you through anything.

Course I could be wrong and they could just be birds that like to eat our trees, make a mess and leave.

Just remember that having two friends that have your back, are far better then having ten friends who wouldn’t even make the effort or have anything to do with you once you’ve outlived your purpose in their own lives.


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