The Beginning

I decided to start a blog because I thought it might help get myself out there a little more. I mean I have social media such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. And apart from the occasional new follower, there’s no action, no one saying what they think. I often wonder if it’s even worth the hassle but still I keep posting because the few likes I get seem to be enough. Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking for a huge following like say for example actors have, I think everyone would expect too much and get disappointed when nothing happens. I hate disappointing people, though that seems to be all I do, nothing is ever good enough and what I am good at……. well it’s still not good enough.

Yet here I am, still going, still trying to do good, even though I will probably fail in the end. Maybe I can move a little into photography? I mean the sunsets around home are pretty cool sometimes. And according to this psychic lady my mum saw, it’s something I should be doing. So I pick up the canon camera that was given to my mum but she doesn’t use because of the camera on her phone. And head out every night to try and get some decent shots of the sunset and other things.

And hopefully you may enjoy them too…..

See you around sometime.



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